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Cowboy Capital of the World...
And a Whole Lot More!


Cowboy Capital? Definitely! But that's not all. Whether your focus is commerce, education, culture, recreation or just a great place to settle down, Stephenville is a "capital" idea. Stephenville is known as one of the country's most desirable places to live and earn a living. In fact, it is included in Norman Crampton's "The 100 Best Small Towns in America," published by Prentice Hall.


As the Cowboy Capital, you can certainly find all things you’d expect, from the largest private country and western club in the state, with live bands and two steppin’ all night long, to ballet performances at Tarleton State University.  Horses and cows are plentiful, and people shopping with spurs on can be seen often. It’s not uncommon to see a world champion cowboy or other celebrity around town, sharing in day-to-day community life. 

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